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NEW - Cleveland HB SOFT 2 Retreve 35" RH

NEW - Cleveland HB SOFT 2 Retreve 35" RH

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These putters are so sweet! Killer feel, easy to align, smooth stroke, milled face, and the ability to pick up your ball and save your back! Be the cool guy that picks up your partner's ball and saves his back too! Great putter if you swing with a pendulum stroke! 

  • 365g head
  • Single bend neck
  • Face balanced
  • 35" 
  • HB Soft 2 Pistol Oversize Grip
  • HB Soft 2 head cover

A completely new head shape configuration from Cleveland Golf, and our first-ever Putter with the ability to pick your ball out of the hole or easily off any other surface without having to bend down—giving your back, knees, and hips a break.

Make no mistake, though, this is not just some gimmick stick. RETREVE has been carefully designed to perform with all the same technology, accuracy, stroke specific designs, and consistent swing feel as every other HB SOFT 2 Putter.

With this purchase, you're eligible to receive free Arccos Sensors and a free Arccos Caddie trial. 

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